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Asset Management

Plug in to the knowledge of the Clayton Financial Services Investment Team. We monitor your portfolio's performance and risk characteristics, and based upon market analysis and economic projections, make discretionary adjustments when it is in the best interest of your portfolio. Benefits include quarterly comparative portfolio summaries, 24-hour online access, and more.

  • Download Brief #1 "Asset Management: Your Key to an Overall Financial Strategy" to learn more, or
  • Request Brief #1 "Asset Management: Your Key to an Overall Financial Strategy"

Employee Benefit Package Advising

We have an in-depth knowledge of benefit packages for many major employers in this region. We can help to advise you on making elections for such items as employer-provided life insurance, your cafeteria plan, stock options and a variety of other benefit options.

Retirement Planning

Outlining your future goals and dreams gives you a map to follow as you work your way toward retirement. Funding a tax-deferred retirement plan now not only can help to create a pool of wealth for your post-retirement life, but also can defer tax on eligible income earned now until you begin making withdrawals.

  • Download Brief #2 "Retirement Planning: Building a Nest Egg and Deferring Taxes" to learn more, or
  • Request Brief #2 "Retirement Planning: Building a Nest Egg and Deferring Taxes"

Advice for the Medical Professional

As a recipient of the MD Preferred Medallion of Excellence, we have passed stringent service standards that help to increase our expertise in the financial needs of the medical community.

Insurance Coverage Review

Ask an insurance agent if your coverage is sufficient, and they'll likely try to sell you a policy. You deserve an unbiased opinion. Let us review your current policies to see if they are up-to-date and in-step with your financial needs.

Estate Planning & Trust Management

Proper estate planning & trust management is a powerful tool to facilitate your care in the event that you become disabled, in addition to simplifying the process of wealth distribution to your heirs.

  • Download Brief #3 "Estate Planning: Facilitating the Transfer of Wealth" to learn more, or
  • Request Brief #3 "Estate Planning: Facilitating the Transfer of Wealth"

Funding Higher Education

Set up correctly, a higher education savings plan is designed to help ensure your children will have the money they need to pay for a post-secondary education. But navigating the array of tax benefits, minimums, maximums and other options can be a dizzying proposition.

  • Download Brief #4 "Education Funding: Knowledge to Last a Lifetime" to learn more, or
  • Request Brief #4 "Education Funding: Knowledge to Last a Lifetime"

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving can be a smart way to reduce capital gains, estate and income tax, while supporting a cause you care about. There are several ways this can be accomplished, including establishing a Charitable Remainder Trust. We can advise you on the best method of giving for your particular charity and goals.

Risk Assessment

Early investors have the advantage of time for their portfolio to recover from volatility and grow with the market. Conversely, as you approach retirement age, your portfolio is less able to respond to market shortfalls in a timely manner. Let us review your portfolio to evaluate if it bears an ideal proportion of holdings in equity vs. fixed income vehicles, to offer you the most opportunity for growth with minimum risk.

Maximize Tax Deductions

Did your accountant overlook a qualifiable tax deduction last year? By reviewing our clients' tax returns before they are filed, we have saved them thousands of dollars. Don't pay more than you are obligated to.

Employer Benefit Portfolio Management

We provide investment management for numerous employer-provided retirement plans, such as SEP accounts. Our experience in this area can lighten your load as an employer, allowing you to offer this benefit to your employees with the knowledge that your plan is being professionally managed.

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